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No upcoming events at the moment

Age: 5-9 and grown ups

MADE IN GALWAY| works-in-progress have a limited capacity and are very popular.

Book your place early to avoid disappointment! Email to book.

MICK LALLY THEATRE, Druid Lane, Galway

“Once there was a woman who didn’t have anything, just a tiny house and tin watering can. She could be seen walking the streets in both summer and winter, carrying her watering can…”

-Excerpt from Nine Stories of Love


Inspired by the book of the same title, the Watering Can Lady will lead audiences through an extraordinary garden of stories where plants and humans can become friends, birds study music, and flowers think like philosophers, reminding us that the boundaries between the natural and human worlds are indistinguishable…

Through use of puppetry, performance, shadows and live animation, Nine Stories of Love explores the various nuances of love, such as connection, growth, beauty and belonging, in a poetic, playful performance.

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