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Theatre for young audiences


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Nine Stories about Love

 “It was night time and everybody was fast asleep, except for one boy who was reading a book. The dark, though the boy, seems to be made specially for reading stories.. But what are children made for?"


Meet the man who felt full of rain, the little girl who found a bird, the watering can who didn’t know what love was…. Join us on a poetic journey through a landscape of stories, where dreams and inner thoughts of human and natural world are intertwined.


This show is about love, connection and belonging, to each other and the world around us. 

Adapted from the book, ‘Nine Stories about Love’ by Giovanna Zoboli and Ana Ventura, it incorporates performance, puppetry and shadow play.

Suitable for children aged 5-9 years and grownups

Devised by Manuela Corbari, Sarah Fuller, Vanessa Maguire, Ionia Ni Chroinin and Johanne Webb

previous performances:

  • Hullabaloo! Co.Offaly's Children Festival - Nov 2023

  • Arts in Action / O'Donoghue Centre for Drama and Performance, University of Galway - Sept 2023

  • glór, Ennis - Feb 2020

  • Baboró International Arts Festival for Children - emerging work - Oct 2019 

  • Cork Puppetry Festival, Aug 2019

  • Roscommon Arts Centre, WIP, May 2019

  • Galway Theatre Festival, WIP, May 2018

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Il mondo rotondo.. the world is round and full of wonderful things to be discovered.

A place so rich in colors and sounds, where the simple things of everyday life become amazing and magical if observed through children’s eyes.

A place where seeds can fall from the sky, just like water. Where shadows can have a life of their own and imagination can run free, if you just look out the window.

Il mondo rotondo is inspired by children wonder in discovering the world around them in the first few years of their life. The natural cycles of day and night, silence and sound, the discovery of shadows, and how things change and transform.

A world made of simple words, objects, images and sounds.


A magical journey for young children and the child in every adult.


Age: 1 to 4 years old and grown ups

Supported by Branar - Tiny Show resource sharing

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