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A Little Door

Theatre for young audiences
Nine Stories about Love

“It was night time and everybody was fast asleep, except for one boy who was reading a book. The dark, though the boy, seems to be made specially for reading stories.. But what are children made for?"

Adapted from the book, ‘Nine Stories about Love’ by Giovanna Zoboli and Ana Ventura, it incorporates performance, puppetry and shadow play.

Suitable for children aged 5-9 years and grownups

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A bird at my window and other stories

In a series of immersive and intimate bedside performances, theatre practitioners Sarah Fuller and Manuela Corbari share an enchanting collection of stories where the natural and human worlds are intertwined. Nature provides a backdrop of wonder for tales about love for the weakest and smallest creatures, love for diversity, and about the deep significance of caring for those in need. 

Specially adapted for younger audiences in the healthcare settings, this project  transforms the bed areas of young patients into miniature theatre spaces.


Part of The Deepest Shade of Green 

Saolta Arts Galway 2020


In 2020, while waiting to be able to present our shows to children again, we started developing some



Developed with the support of 

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